My passion for Dance grew out of my multinational family and its musical activities in Soca, Calypso, and Reggae. Various studies and journeys to West Africa completed my cultural knowledge about malinké dance. Since more than 10 years I am sharing Afro Dance in México, Germany, France, and Turkey.
To me, it means lightness, easiness, fluency, and strength at a time. it is presence and connectedness with the group, the music as with one own body and Self.

A key feature is the enjoyment and opening of the spine, pelvis and shoulder movement as independent centers. As we dance we RE-connect and opening up as an integration of our whole physical, emotional and spiritual body. We use this movement of your entire body to connect with the moment of Now and express ourselves in a way the verbal expression is much more limited. It’s about the natural Dance impulse, the consistent continuity throughout. A flow of lightness and power.

And we realize our breathing. we dance as we breathe. so the suppleness of our movements will be related to our fluent breathing. breath in – breath out – finding our rhythm, our timing, and tempo – circulation – around energy: rhythm gets born.

 the most authentic expression of human being is in its Music and Dance. our body never lies.

Regular classes with LIVE- Percussion
Heidelberg, Altstadt