the Sacred Dance

Tara-About 2

one of the most precious moments in Life was on a wonderful trip to Ladakh, North India. Visiting the Lamayuru Gonpa monastery. It got its name Yung Dung Thapa Ling as a place of freedom. I am dedicating this page to its holy site. From then on inspirited by Buddhism, feeling inseparable from White Tara, the embodiment of pure Love. Be sure that everything you do, every step you take, every thought you think, is fueled by compassion.


 Jennifer is a Medical Anthropologist who started collaborating in 2002 with the Tropical Health Institute in Heidelberg, as well as the CRSN, Centre de Rechèrche en Santé de Nouna, Burkina Faso., West Africa. It was a great opportunity to work with the local medical practitioners, the guerisseurs, feticheurs and marabouts. After finishing her thesis in Burkina Faso in Women`s Health, Reproductive Health she got involved with various Ethnotherapies and collaborated with Grandfather LittleCrow at the WorldConference of Ethnotherapies in Munich, Germany in 2004 “The Way to Universal Healing”. She decided to live in México with her family where she got shared the ancient wisdom and knowledge of traditional midwifery at CASA, Escuela de Parteras Profesionales, San Miguel de Allende. She received great teachings by the Huicholes, Wixaritari, Native Mexicans of the Sierra Madre Occidental about the Dream Work and Spiritual Ceremonial Integrity and a disciple of the Mazatec curandera María Sabina in Huautla, Oaxaca.

Following her passion in African Dance she worked as a Dancer and Teacher offering regular classes and workshops in México, Germany, France, Turkey, Guinea, Senegal and Gambia since 2005.

After practicing with teachers from all around the world and studying many forms of Traditional Healing Practices , she now integrates her knowledge into her own practice to bring union of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Jennifer studied Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Ayurvedic Oil Massage and Foot Reflexology and certificated at Sunshine Network of Thai Massage and Ayurvedic Bodywork in Thailand. Later she broadened her vision of the SACRED DANCE by professional trainings of several teachers like KrishnaTakis, Kaline Kelly and Ralph Marzen. Combining this knowledge with her Medical Anthropology and -Psychology foundation blends all these modalities into a creative and therapeutic Healing Art, The Sacred Dance.
Since 2010 she was co-operating in a team of various health practitioners at Lifepath, Healing & LearningCenter in San Miguel de Allende and 2014 at Present Moment, Yoga Retreat Centre in Guerrero, México.

Coming back to Germany in 2015 she was part of the Ozora Tribal Gathering Staff in Hungary, and 2016 at the BOOM gathering Therapist Team in Portugal. At Yoga Alliance she certified her Shamanic Sadhana Yoga Teacher in the Sacred Mountains of Guatemala.
Today she lives in Heidelberg with her three daughters offering African Dance and Bliss Yoga classes as well as Holistic Thai Yoga Massage Therapies, Dji Dance WaterTherapies, Seminars and Retreats in West-Africa including all of these modalities. She continues her path into Interspecies Communication & Healing. Through her deeply heart-centered practice, she invites others with loving inspiration into the essence of true healing. 2021-22 she was co-managing an International Travel Resort in The Gambia, W-Africa meanwhile coordinating Individual Healing Retreats on the Site.

I really enjoy sharing the ancient wisdom, the art of holistic healing and the inner touch: every technique melts into the next with total smoothness of breath& motion; like a beautifully choreographed Sacred Dance.